Our drivers as much as our fleet determine the image of our company.Proper, customer-oriented conduct of our staff, professional competence, education and advanced training are of great importance to us. In order to ensure that the comprehensive know-how we have gained over the years is made directly available to our junior staff, as a company committed to the dual education system in Germany we have been actively training young professional drivers for decades. And in order to maintain a high level of up-to-date professional skills and competency we have established our own advanced training institute: the Roman Mayer Logistics Academy.

In line with the latest requirements of the Professional Drivers’ Qualification Act we carry out in-house training on issues of load, environmental and traffic safety and on hazardous materials transport in accordance with the German Carriage of Hazardous Goods by Road Regulation (GGVS). Such tasks are carried out reliably by qualified drivers with a special driver’s licence for hazardous goods transport (ADR certificate).


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