Better safe than sorry - leave the storage and handling of your hazardous goods to the experts of ROMAN MAYER LOGISTIK GROUP.

Two important features distinguish us: experienced, highly-qualified and responsible employees, as well as the best-equipped facilities and technical equipment. These two factors qualify us as the right partner for this sensitive business. All our staff assigned to dealing with hazardous substances are experienced employees who undergo constant internal training in the professional handling of dangerous materials. Besides their professional qualifications, they are also keenly aware of environmental protection and human safety issues which constitute key elements of our quality and environmental management systems. We are fully equipped for the task and all our equipment - from the personal protection equipment of our staff to our high-shelf stackers - conform to all relevant norms.

Our capacity for hazardous and water risk materials is over 45,000 pallet storage places. All areas used for the storage of hazardous materials – from water to explosive substances . are equipped and organised to conform to all legal requirements regarding fire protection, soil permeability, formation of EX zones and general risk prevention.

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